Wednesday, January 13, 2010



I have always wanted to start my own blog, but being so busy has always given me an excuse to push it aside. I guess you could say its sad how it always takes a tragedy to bring upon action and that’s my motivation to begin Here, Today, Now!

As many of you know I work on Heroes as the Key Makeup Artist, and over a period of four years my heart has grown rather fond of my actors, coworkers, and the show itself as well.

I sometimes spend sixteen hours a day with all of these people, sometimes even 6 days a week. Yes, it can be grueling at times, but these people also become your second family and when one of us suffers, we all do and it becomes our responsibility to gather together and do what we can to get each other through the worst of times.

Heroes has been that family for me and many of my actors I work closely with.

One very dear to my heart has just suffered a great tragedy and yes; I am talking about Jimmy Jean Louis!

Jimmy as you may or may not know was born and raised in Haiti. Below I will let you read about him & his commitment to Haiti:

Jimmy Jean Louis founded Hollywood Unites For Haiti in 2008 as a means of helping the people of his beloved native land Haiti.

Born in Petion-Ville, Haiti, Jimmy left the country as a young man to pursue a successful international career in television and film acting, but he never lost his feeling of connection and empathy for the daily struggles of his countrymen in Haiti, who are suffering from poverty, disease, and natural disasters.

As a lifelong sportsman and semi-professional soccer player, Jimmy saw athletics as a means of helping poor Haitian children rise above their circumstances, learn about health and team play, and become role models for their communities. He arranged for donations from his Hollywood soccer club (including money and equipment) to be sent to Haiti and distributed by local clubs for use by kids.

In subsequent trips to Haiti, Jimmy has brought various entertainment and political celebrities with him to tour the country and see both its beauty and tremendous challenges. It is his hope that he can use his influence to improve the lives of everyday Haitians and bring worldwide attention to their plight.

Jimmy spends much of his time with these children and aiding his country through its very poor crisis. His love for Haiti is very dear to his heart. This is a Country where there is very little money, food and very unsafe surroundings. Many diseases and weak healthcare.

On Tuesday, January 12th, 2010, a powerful earthquake hit the coast of Haiti, in Caribbean Island, before 5 p.m. Eastern time. The US Geological Survey (USGS) said on its website that a magnitude 7.0 quake struck about 10 miles from the nation’s capital Port-au-Prince, causing widespread damage and panic with the potential for a high number of casualties in the impoverished Caribbean country. There were five aftershocks — the worst two were 5.9 and 5.2 magnitude — that followed in the last hour, and more were expected.

The earthquake has destroyed what little this country has built and what little it has had to survive. Jimmy's world, like many others collapsed that evening. Not only is his work buried beneath the rubble, but he is also unable to contact or locate any of his family members. Jimmy's Mother, Father, and much of his family still live there. All his work, help, time, & dedication to these people is now tragically lost and Haiti doesn't have the means to aide those who were lucky enough to survive.

I have been to one of Jimmy's functions and watched him be awarded for all the good he does for Haiti and its children. He is a great humanitarian, Father, Husband, Actor and all around wonderful human being.

Haiti & its people need our help urgently to start aiding and rebuilding!

Please, there are so many things that you as an individual can do to be your own "HERO" in your own hometown right now! Gather any clothes you may have to give away, canned foods, water, anything! Even a dollar can go so far.

We must help those in need!

Below you will find a link to Jimmy Jean Louis's Website and a list of other organizations where you can take your goods, make a donation, or just lend a helping hand.

I thank you and Jimmy thanks you.

Together we can all make a difference!

Sincerely, Wendi